Hatfield’s Inc. Mississippi College of Beauty Culture was established in 1952. We have operated continuously since that time. We have educated thousands of licensed cosmetologists around the state, as well as the western part of Alabama. We have been in our present location, which was built by the Hatfield’s exclusively for the type of business that we conduct. We have state of the art classroom equipment, which includes ceiling mounted projectors, surround sound, and power point presentations. The spacious student salon is also equipped with modern student workstations.

Hatfield’s Inc. Mississippi College of Beauty Culture employs four full time instructors, with combined experience of over 80 years. Along with all of that experience, each instructor also receives continuing education on an on-going basis. They are caring, dedicated, enthusiastic, professionals who value their students’ careers and customers’ satisfaction. Hatfield’s Inc. Mississippi College of Beauty Culture offers two separate course: The Cosmetology Course (1500 Hours) and the Cosmetology Instructor’s Course (1000 Hours).

In the year 2007, Hatfield’s Inc. Mississippi College of Beauty Culture received an award of achievement from the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology for excellent instructional skills. We also received an award of achievement in 2008 for the highest composite scores of schools graduating 40+ students in that year.

While the national average is $23,710, experienced salon professionals can average up to $50,000 annually, including tips according to the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences and the United States Department of Labor. The cosmetology industry is expected to grow at a faster rate of 10-20% through the year 2015.

To be successful, you must be interested in many different kinds of people and enjoy interacting with them and meeting their needs. You should work well with your hands, have a creative flair, be a good listener, be able to follow instructions, and have confidence in your talents, abilities, and ideas. You need to stay updated on the latest products and skills in order to meet client needs and keep them coming back to you.

See our catalog for more information.

Admission Requirements for all courses offered

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